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February 19, 2019

Portrait is not what we look like, it is what we are like

My brother-in-law Michael, 2015, Dale Webster, Photo of the artist
My brother-in-law Michael, 2015, Dale Webster, Photo of the artist

Dale Webster, a retired Philosophy and Art History lecturer travelled the world with his job.

He taught at many universities in UK, USA and Sierra Leone.

Ten years ago, ‘to raise his daughters in Africa’ Dale and his wife came to live in Kenya.

“What a great decision it was!” says Dale. Here he met ‘the extraordinary’ Kenyan people and got inspired by them, inspired so much that he gave up his academic career and started to paint portraits!

“Portraits are not about likeness. For me, portraits are about people’s history,” says Dale,

“How people live their lives, their thoughts and emotions, hopes and dreams.”

Portraits are not about how we look like, but about how we are like. Our human experience is made up of the human encounters, the encounters that ask us to think, teach us to love, and compel us to tell the story.

“That’s why I make these pictures, and why I am rather obsessed by portraits.”

Dale Webster gazes upon the world through the eyes of his portraits.

Be part of this world, visit his exhibition at the Red Hill Gallery, Nairobi, from April 3-10.

Commission or buy Kenyan art, original or prints, for your home and office.

Contact: www.ArtCollector.Agency

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