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February 21, 2019

Fitness: Don't Ignore that Tingling Feeling

Women's cross training shoes.
Women's cross training shoes.

Did you know that your gym routine could be to blame for tingling in the balls of your feet.

‘If you’re on a machine such as a Stairmaster or a cross trainer, the forward motion puts a lot of pressure through the ball of the foot,’ says physiotherapist Mark Golton from London’s Six Physio.

Pressure can build up on the plantar nerves, which run along the soles causing tingling or numbness, he says. Trainers that are too small or tied too tightly can also cause pressure.

For most people, this is fixed easily by shifting feet position as you exercise or by loosening laces or changing shoes.

However, Golton says that if the tingling continues once you’ve left the gym, you should get examined because it can also be caused by neuroma, a thickening of the nerves that lead to the toes.

Treatment includes orthotics — insoles to release pressure — or painkillers.


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