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February 20, 2019

The Waiguru we know - Friends and relatives speak

Anne Waiguru
with a friend
in her teenage
Anne Waiguru with a friend in her teenage years/ COURTESY

Former Devolution and Planning CS Anne Waiguru has not had easy in the past months. Claims of misappropriation of public funds under the ministry have been the talk of town. Many have accused her of superintending the looting of public money, while others have told her to take responsibility for the Sh791 million that cannot be accounted for. In the midst of all this, her relatives, former schoolmates and close friends have stood with her.

Mike Murithi, Waiguru’s big brother, says his sister is not corrupt and can never break laws to appease someone and has been unfairly targeted. He says the negative publicity has been extremely disturbing, is ill-intentioned and has greatly affected the family. 

“I can vouch for her because she is a good sister and God fearing. She is very sincere and morally upright. Cutting corners to make people happy is not her thing,” Murithi says of their second born sister. 

Dr Esther Tirima, working for a private university in Uganda, is another friend who has known Waiguru for the last 26 years. “We were in the same room at Egerton and I have never doubted her sincerity. She is a good friend and a good person too. When your friend is going through a rough time, you also get affected but that doesn’t change who we are. As friends, we have been supporting her privately and not in the open because then we open ourselves to public scrutiny which we do not want.”

Carol Khroda an administration consultant in Nairobi was a roommate of the former CS at Precious Blood Girls Riruta between 1984 to 1987. “She is a hardworking woman always doing her best.”

Speaking annonymously, a friend said, “We graduated together from Egerton where we were also members of Disciples Ministries, a Christian fellowship. We went our separate paths but have continued to keep in touch. We stand together in good and bad times.

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