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February 17, 2019

Koroga League's exciting semi-finals

MP Shah Hospital's Jared Ayatta and Kaisha Lilian.
MP Shah Hospital's Jared Ayatta and Kaisha Lilian.

Eight teams went through to the semi finals of East FM’s Koroga Premier League that were held on Sunday at Azalea Caribea. Presented by Sportpesa and powered by Jameson, this particular event had alot of surprises resulting in an extremely edgy, rocky, and fun semis.

The first surprise was the inclusion of a ninth wild card team in the competition; Riya Sharma’s Swad and Swag. Then, a fourth judge was introduced; Chandni Solanki who joined Shailen Shah, Mini Patel and Pradeep Mullick in the judging arena.

After an exciting two hours where participants also had a secret ingredient, dry mango, to experiment with, the teams heading to the finals were Nilofer Abji’s Tadka Marke, Irfan Kassam’s Team Tung Tung, Seema Sarkar’s SRKs and DJ Deshal’s DJ Wala Tadka.

The finals will be held at Mystique Gardens, Westlands on March 27. 


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