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November 22, 2018

Tips and tricks of having a happy hour at home bar

IT is becoming a trend these days to have a nice little space set up for a home bar. Forget happy hour! You can now make cocktails after a long day and relax over a drink in the comfort of your own home.  Whether or not you have little ones running around the house, everyone can benefit from a well-stocked home bar. By learning a few tips and techniques, you will find that happy hour can be just as rewarding at home as it is in any other place.

Buy your favourite drinks
Depending on what tickles your fancy, stock your bar up with what you like to drink. If you like whiskey or rum, have several different types at hand. There is no point filling up your bar with vodka if you are never going to drink it. If you like to entertain a lot, however, it would work to your advantage if you have a more versatile collection.

Buy a good cocktail book
Behind every bar is a good book on how to make killer cocktails. If you are a pro, then you do not need this. But if not, it is highly recommended to get a book that will give you a good understanding of spirits and all things alcoholic.

Have the right tools
It is not enough to just have bottles; you also need a few tools to make your domestic mixology a success. From glassware, to shakers, knives and measuring tools, these are bar staples that will make your work that much easier and neater. If you do not have the luxury of installing a fully-fledged bar design, you might also consider a liquor cabinet, because the purpose is just the same. The point is to find a way to kick back and relax from the stress of a long day.

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