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February 23, 2019

Really is Arsene Wenger worth losing my sleep over?

Arsenal v Swansea City - Barclays Premier League - Emirates Stadium - 2/3/16 Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gestures as Alexis Sanchez looks on from the substitutes bench
Arsenal v Swansea City - Barclays Premier League - Emirates Stadium - 2/3/16 Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gestures as Alexis Sanchez looks on from the substitutes bench

As I write this article, on Thursday morning; I am sleep deprived! Sleep deprived because I can’t fail to stay up late to watch my Arsenal play. That’s how loyal I have been. I would rather have a headache all day and stifle my yawns as I engage with my boss– all because I must watch a team that I love so deeply but who don’t seem to love me back! It’s painful! Last week as I stayed up late, again to watch Arsenal play Barcelona, at least I knew at the back of my mind that it would be extremely tough to beat the Catalans, but this week I stayed up because I was confident that Swansea would just be a walk in the park!

Out of 28 league games played this season, Swansea have only won seven and one of those was against a team fighting for the title. We should never have gone into this game so confident because the Swans are fighting to get as far away as possible from the relegation zone. But alas! Manager Arsene Wenger did what he does best, make wrong substitutions! The boos at Emirates stadium as Wenger removed the only player who was having a great game as his first substitution, said it all.

Mr Njiru had said it as a joke moments before the substitution that Wenger would do something silly like removing Campbell but I said: “no way.” Campbell was having such a good game but sure enough, madness prevailed and Wenger substituted the young Costa Rican and left the likes of Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez who were having a horrible game, to continue playing.

It seems Wenger decides his substitutions even before the game starts and never changes his plans unless an injury or a red card interferes. I’m no expert but I thought a manager was supposed to read a game; and if a player isn’t performing, remove him; or if the opposition is playing in a certain style; counter that with your subs. But no, “Wenger knows best!” At 70 minutes remove Campbell regardless of how he is playing and bring on Danny Welbeck.

In fact I think he should have started with Welbeck and Campbell and left the misfiring Giroud on the bench to wake him up! NKT! This frustration is all too familiar and I’m sick of it! And when I say “Wenger Out” it’s not because we’ve lost a few games. I’ve been saying “Wenger out” consistently for six years and I’ll never stop; even if by some miracle we do win the league this season. If Leicester win it, it will be an achievement for them because of where they have come from. If anyone else wins it, it will be because other teams have been so poor this term.

Why does a club like Arsenal not have a world class striker. We traded RVP for Danny Welbeck! Seriously?! Welbeck is a good striker but he is not world class. Campbell can be groomed to become world class but not under Wenger who only sees him as a two bit substitute! What goes through this old Frenchman’s mind during a game?

I like to think he has good eye-sight but half the time he responds as if he’s watching a different game! And why does he never blame the players for their poor performance!

Yes the first Swansea goal shouldn’t have happened because Arsenal should have got a free kick before that move; but that’s football! We had many chances to go ahead and by the time Swansea scored their first goal, it shouldn’t have mattered whether Arsenal were denied a free kick or not!

We should have already been ahead by about two goals but alas! Giroud is King in Wenger’s eyes. I am so upset! Let me go have another cup of coffee and probably rinse my face so I can stay awake during my next meeting.

At this rate I’ll get fired all because I was staying awake to watch my beloved Arsenal do rubbish! Don’t talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or Security Check Required.

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