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February 21, 2019

Fashion High Tea 2016 at Zen Garden

The writer with her daughter Sapna
The writer with her daughter Sapna

Ever since I went for my first ever Fashion High Tea last year, I must say I have been completely smitten. Being a plus-sized woman, I’ve always felt that many fashion brands just don’t cater for the likes of me. The only place that I can go and pick an outfit in my size is at the mass clothing stores. If I want something a bit different that hasn’t been produced on a line, then it has to be custom made by a tailor who will try and attempt to copy a design that I may like or not.

At the Zen Fashion High Tea, it’s not all about clothes, couture, fashion and accessories. My most favourite aspect about this event is that it gives back to society. So while we are hobnobbing and having a lovely time, it doesn’t mean that other important causes have been forgotten.

This year, the event was even more special for me because I took my daughter with me for her first ever 'grown up girlie event’ as she put it. It was nice to see her transform from a pair of faded jeans into a pretty dress and a fascinator perched on her freshly washed and styled hair.

My dear friend Jasvir Kambo and her sister Varinder Panesar had also come down especially for this event because Jasvir had designed a scarf for Mia Kora scarves and was going to showcase her talent on the catwalk too. When I was in the UK last month, she had gifted me one of these gorgeous scarves and it was lovely to see talent being recognised.

As always, this is a very well-organised event, with food and drink galore, you seem to be forever sampling something scrumptious and I must say that I thought maybe my daughter would be interested in the fashion or maybe ask me to buy her a new outfit or something. However, she was far more interested in the macaroons. I think at 15 when I was her age, I was probably more or less the same so I’ll just let her evolve and find her way in this world of fashion and being fashionable.

Diana Opoti is another warm human being I really adore. You must have seen her 100 Days of Fashion on social media and the Star. I adore her for it because she showcases 'wearable' fashion. I can look at an outfit and think to myself that I wouldn’t mind being seen in that, or look at some of the jewellery or accessories and feel I could own the affordable pieces without having to leave my kidney at a pawn shop or something.

Last but not the least, a great big shout out to Payal Radia and Shivani Radia Patel for coming up with this concept and hosting it for the past six years, being mindful of the needy in the process and allowing the rest of us to tap into a side we sometimes may not be able to unleash. I, for one, have been totally smitten with the fashion high tea concept and have come to realise that fashion is not just looking good, it’s the attitude you wear anything with it. It doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth but the way you wear it will inspire a great feeling in you.

Oh, I admit to buying a new hat for this year’s fashion high tea!


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