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November 21, 2018

US firm unveils digital property sale platform

COLDWELL Banker, the US property listing company, has launched an online system to facilitate sale of property by local housing companies.

The customer relationship management system has the capability to generate information on property leads for prospective local and international buys.

“It will be available on multiple servers replicated around world and users access its features by subscribing” Coldwell Banker Kenya managing director Danielle Callaway said in a statement.

She said selling buildings and land needs a multi-pronged approach for faster transactions.

“Networking globally is the way to go for real estate companies that are banking on growing their business and remaining competitive in today’s real estate space,” Callaway said.

Lead generation, she added, is becoming more popular as a way for prospective buyers to get information on best buys as people move away from the traditional practice of referrals.

Through the system, the firm will manage contacts and personal schedules, provide reporting tools, assist in importing useful business software and acting as a referral network for agents. Once a user is a member of the online system, the data will immediately be updated via email.

The company said the system will help firms to manage their property listings, conduct target marketing, track property payments and commissions and run social media and e-mail activity tracking.

It provides members with industry data and statistics, and works from its own internal data to show market trends in pricing, rents, selling timelines, and geographical activity.

The system can track every lead such as when an offer is made, when and how much commission is paid, how much of it is going to agent or to the company, the tax element if any on the commission and any other levy.


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