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February 18, 2019

Brackenhurst opens doors to nature lovers

Brackenhurst Hotel and Conferences MD John McKelvey.
Brackenhurst Hotel and Conferences MD John McKelvey.

AS the International Day of Forests draws closer, a local country resort has opened doors to the public to learn about its project to conserve unique tree species.

Brackenhurst Hotels and Conferences says its restored forest now has one of the single largest collection of trees and shrubs species in Africa and is open to nature lovers.

“Our restored indigenous forest is now home to over 1,000 species of trees and shrubs, some exceedingly rare. This is arguably the largest collection on the African continent,” says John McKelvey, the resort's managing director.

“Over half of our property has been set aside for environmental projects including biodiversity preservation and reforestation. Much of this has been done in partnership with Plants for Life International. Together, we have shown that indigenous reforestation can be done.”

This year, he says, the hotel, and its environment project partners, will increasingly focus on using more renewable energy, eliminating plastic bottles and bags, recycling waste, sourcing supplies from environmentally responsible vendors and reducing water consumption.

“We are also looking at growing more of our vegetables organically and sustainably, and showcasing our forest, nature trails and associated activities, as we seek to become an “eco-destination,” he says.

Similar to the Harvest Festival celebration that brought together more 600 people in October last year, Brackenhurst will host a Forest Day celebration on March 19, this year, two days ahead of the global celebrations.

Says McKelvy: “We are urging everybody to join us on that auspicious day for environmental awareness and learning, activities, food, music and fun on the Brackenhurst campus. We are continually and deeply committed to our core business of providing friendly and warm hospitality to our customers, as we also strive to provide beautiful and inspiring spaces where diverse people from Kenya and around the world can come together in meetings and retreats.”

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