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February 17, 2019

Company lighting poor homes in Kenya for Sh17 a day

Brighterlite CEO Ruth Muturi. Photo/Courtesy
Brighterlite CEO Ruth Muturi. Photo/Courtesy

Rural areas with no electricity connection have a reason to smile after a company,Brighterlite Kenya, is supplying alternative but clean power to homes.

"Our business and passion is to deliver clean power for the rural population from a small yet high-quality Solar Home System to households with no access to grid power," Brighterlite Kenya CEO Ruth Muturi said.

"We are here to change that with as little as Sh17 a day."

Muturi explains that her company has a lease-2-own model which transfers ownership to the customer once the Solar Home System is fully paid for, translating to Sh17 per day.

Customers have the option of making their payments via mobile  phone.

This is lower than the daily cost of kerosene, with most households spending up to Sh100 per day.

"A big number of our populace, both in Peri-urban and rural areas still live in the dark and their forms of power is mainly wood and kerosene," Muturi said on Wednesday.

"Off-grid customers can switch over to using renewable energy to light their homes and charge their mobile phones, and in so doing move away from kerosene that is not only expensive but dirty and unsafe."

Brighterlite offers easy-to-use solar systems are based on advanced LED technology, battery technology and smart software for better functionality, the CEO added.

The company ventured into solar lighting as an estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity, with most concentrated in Africa and Asia.

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