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February 17, 2019

Stop corporal punishment in the name of religion

Stop corporal punishment in the name of religion
Stop corporal punishment in the name of religion

I usually get tagged on many posts on social media. People want me to see or share their work, maybe bring something to my attention, or perhaps just let me know they exist. I always try my best to acknowledge everything because it’s a nice feeling to know that you are being thought of well enough to have been relevant in someone’s life in one way or another.

A couple of weeks ago, a very dear friend tagged me in a post that had me horrified. It was about a teacher who taught religion to kids, and this man had meted out a very drastic punishment to an 11-year-old boy. The young lad had some whip marks on his back and I was stunned to see the photographic evidence. There was call to take this man to task for his deed and actions and a lot of people had shared their thoughts on this behaviour, with a majority of them demanding that the teacher be punished for his deeds and jailed.

Then there were the token noisemakers who decided that who are we to judge the actions of this man and may God punish him if he has done wrong. That’s when I totally flipped. What is wrong with people? Can they not understand that corporal punishment was outlawed in Kenya many years ago and is a crime? So what if the person is a religion teacher? All the more reason to teach this moron a legal lesson by throwing his sorry backside into the slammer for even daring to use the excuse of the Holy Book to mete out any sort of punishment.

As far as I am concerned, I have made a point to read a few holy books from different religions and I am yet to come across one that demands, allows, supports or accepts that little children be beaten. Leave aside children, I’m not able to understand how people use religion to harm any other human being at all. You are totally stupid if you think you can do that.

I was disappointed at the people who supported this behaviour because it simply meant that they are OK with hitting or punishing their own children too. This creates a terrible cycle. Those kids will also grow up believing that it is OK to hit children because they were beaten up by their parents and this way, this terrible cycle will never end.

 Let go of this anger, this hatred and the frustrations you carry with you in your heart. There is no need to vent out on innocent children and harm them in the process. Deep down I am sure you know that this isn’t right and if you are going to carry on being this control freak, then you certainly need help. You can’t be justifying your atrocious actions by shielding yourself behind your religion. No religion will ever encourage you to harm anyone. This is just your own perceived nonsense in your head, probably handed down from generations of cyclic patterns and it is no wonder you think it is OK.

Religious or not, no one has the right to harm another human being.

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