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February 19, 2019

My biggest wish right now is to see Leicester City drop points

Arsenal's Olivier Giroud in action with Leicester's N'Golo Kante
Arsenal's Olivier Giroud in action with Leicester's N'Golo Kante

Arsenal fans seriously need to start watching games with a medical expert nearby because the tension and pressure on our organs is too much!

What a game that was against Leicester on Sunday! All the elements of a suspense novel were included and I loved it!

Opposition fans have gone on and on about Gunners boasting about beating ten man Leicester but the fact is that replays confirmed that their penalty wasn’t genuine; while we are the only club in the league to have beaten Leicester home and away this season.

Infact Liverpool are the only other team to have beaten Leicester this term.

If you look at the highlights of the game; Arsenal commanded that game for nearly the entire 90 minutes and had numerous shots on target.

So I don’t understand what Claudio Ranieri was smoking when he said Leicester could have beaten us with their full squad on the pitch.

But for the record, just as penalties are part of the game, so are red cards; and three points is three points. No-one ever goes back to say a certain team won the league in 2007 but in one game during the season they beat another team that only had ten men.

When Arsenal lift the trophy in May; it will be because we will have garnered the most number of points throughout the ten months period!

There have been scary moments for Arsenal this season and while some critics see it as “crumbling” when it matters most; the fact that we are two points off the top and have no big teams in front of us, I see it as a sign of strength – getting results even during tricky games for us.

And even though Sunday’s match left my heart in my mouth; the thrill of getting the win on the last shot of the game is another orgasmic feeling altogether! I love it!

Big challenges lie ahead; an FA Cup tie this weekend, Barcelona next week, Man United in about 8 days time so I’m going to need all my wits about me to get through the next couple of weeks.

I’m actually more afraid about us turning up against smaller teams because we appear to be stepping up against the big sides. I’m actually more worried about our games against Swansea and West Brom than I am against Man United, Everton and Man City.

Spurs in early March will be tough because they are also gunning for the title; but I have confidence that we will grind out maximum results.

My overall concern at the way the league is going now is that we need Leicester to lose points. The title isn’t in our hands because we aren’t “top of the league;” but I trust that as long as we focus on winning all our remaining games; the league leaders will crumble from pressure.

Oh I love this! And as much as I would like Arsenal to beat Barcelona just to shut up some mouths on our facebook group “The Score Kenya” we shouldn’t compromise the possibility of our first league trophy in 11 years because we want to move further in the Champions League.

It would be nice to qualify for the quarter finals but Wenger needs to decide realistically what his priority is.

I’ll just end here by saying congratulations to Michael Olunga for scoring that fabulous goal over the weekend for his Swedish club Djurgarden.

I’m sure it heavily influenced the deal he signed with them midweek. The sky is the limit my friend; you’ve earned this; so all the best as you begin your European quest that I know will end with your Emirates dream coming true.

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