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February 16, 2019

5-Minute-Interview: I tarmacked for years, so I sold mandazi by the road

I'm good at…articulating issues and mobilising people for a common goal.

I'm very bad at. ..keeping time.

The last book I enjoyed reading isRethink how you think by Dr David Stoop.

The most surprising thing that happened to me is… when I met President Daniel Moi at State House during a state function as a college student.

A common misconception about me… that I don’t concentrate on other people’s issues with the weight they deserve. But really, I only wait for the right timings.

One of my childhood fears was…snakes.

My ideal night out is  rhumba dance over a beer with marafiki.

In another life I’d be…a student mentor.

My Idea of perfect happiness. .....when my son and family members are at peace.

If I was a politician I would…work to bring realistic change into the society and promote socio-economic change through education and information sharing.

The best age to be is …35 years

The best part of my job is …when I solve a problem for clients and they are happy to call back and say 'thank you for good work'.

My greatest regret is …when I did not achieve my dream career to be a lawyer.

Historical figure I most identify with is …Martin Luther Jr.

Living leaders I most admire…Kofi Annan and Tanzanian President John Pompe Magufuli.

 My greatest achievement is…I have three: 1. Spearheading the formation of Gekano Old Boys' Association. 2. In my 4th year as chairman for ART Sacco we have empowered our members economically across the 47 counties. 3. I have evolved from a computer technician to co-founder of an ICT Firm.

My favourite writer is …George R.R. Martin.

My lowest point of misery is…tarmacking for years looking for a job after college. I remember staying in Riruta Satellite in an iron sheet house near Kivuli Centre, cooking and selling mandazi on the roadside.

My greatest possession family and son.

If I was to die in five minutes my last word would be.....'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter' – Martin Luther King JR.

Richard Masore is a programme director at Gardener Africa Foundation and a co-founder of an ICT Firm.

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