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January 21, 2019

NTSA lists fines for traffic offences, to install gadgets detecting 72-hour speeds

Gadgets used by the National Transport and Safety Authority to detect motorists' speed. Photo/COURTESY
Gadgets used by the National Transport and Safety Authority to detect motorists' speed. Photo/COURTESY

The NTSA has released a list of minor traffic offences and the fines they attract, and announced plans to install a gadget that back-tracks speeds for up to 72 hours.

Director general Francis Meja told the Star on phone on Wednesday that the gadget will also check for faulty speed governors.

Motorists found exceeding speed limits will pay fines ranging from Sh500 to Sh10,000. Traffic Amendments Act 2014 states that motorists will be fined Sh10,000 if found driving 5-10 kph above speed limits.

Offenders will pay Sh15,000 for driving 11-20 kph above the limit, Sh20,000 for exceeding the limit by 21-20kph and Sh25,000 for exceeding by 31kph.

Some of the minor offences are:

1. Driving without identification plates - Sh10,000.

2. Failure of driver to conform to indications on any traffic sign- Sh3,000

3. Failure to stop when required to by police officer in uniform - Sh5,000

4. Failure to obey any directions given, whether verbally or by signal, by a police officer in uniform in the execution of their duty - Sh3,000.

5. Driving without a valid licence endorsement in respect of the class of the vehicle - Sh7,000.

6. Failure to review the drivers licence - Sh1,000

7. Failure to carry reflective/warning sign - Sh2,000

8. Failure to wear seat belt while motor vehicle is in motion - Sh500

9. Driving PSV while being unqualified - Sh7,000

10. The driver of a motor omnibus or matatu picking or setting down passengers in a place that not authorised as a bus stop or terminal - Sh3,000

11. Touting - Sh3,000

12. Travelling with part of the body outside moving vehicle - Sh1,000

13. A passenger alighting at an unauthorised bus stop or terminal - Sh1,000

14. Failure to fit prescribed speed - Sh10,000

15. Failure of a conductor to keep seat belts in a clean, dry and generally wearable condition - Sh2,000

The National Transport and Safety Authority had announced that it was working on a road map to ensure motorists pay fines without going to court.

On September 8, 2015, Meja said motorists in Nairobi county will be fined a maximum of Sh25,000 if they defy the speed limit set for vehicles bound for the CBD.

Speeds are being monitored following the installation of new cameras, the NTSA said, in a notice that indicated the starting points of the speed restriction.

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