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February 16, 2019

I'll go with what is best for the Gunners, so I call for a City and Foxes tie

Manchester City's Yaya Toure celebrates after scoring the opening goal during their English Premier League soccer match against Sunderland at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, northern England January 1, 2015. Photo/REUTERS
Manchester City's Yaya Toure celebrates after scoring the opening goal during their English Premier League soccer match against Sunderland at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, northern England January 1, 2015. Photo/REUTERS

Manchester City Vs Leicester Today 3:45pm

The Citizens 2-2 The Foxes

Who would have guessed that with 14 matches to play to the end of the 2015/16 English Premier League season that this tie would be so critical for the title race? We would also have guessed that City would be there; but not one person, if they had been asked in August, would have predicted that Leicester would be perched at the top of the standings; but they are. So this is a title fixture. Man City haven’t lost a game since they played Arsenal on the 21st of December while Leicester’s last loss, and only their second of the season, was on the 26th of December against Liverpool. James Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, along with a tight squad behind them have been exceptional this season. Infact Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, whose team lost 2-0 to Leicester midweek, confessed he nearly cheered when Vardy scored his first goal against Liverpool because it was such a brilliant piece of skill. That goal sort of summarised the fairy tale that has been Leicester’s season. City on the other hand have been on a start-stop-start-stop sort of season where they find great form for a couple of matches and then lose or draw a silly. They are three points behind Leicester with a squad to die for. This will be one heck of a tie that is so tough to predict. So I’ll go with what would favour my Arsenal.


Liverpool Vs Sunderland Today 6pm

The Reds 2-1 The Black Cats

Liverpool have got to recover from their loss to Leicester by grabbing three points against relegation bound Sunderland. Although I must admit the second half of the season is a tough time to play teams that are near the bottom because they are literally fighting for survival. Liverpool are having a weird sort of season and I thought Jurgen Klopp would have used the transfer window to create some sort of shape in the squad; but no such luck. It doesn’t help that Reds fans are planning a walk out protest during this game because they’re upset at the steep increase in ticket prices for next season. They plan to storm out in the 77th minute and heaven forbid if Liverpool are having a tough game. They rely so heavily on fan support particular when they’re having such a haphazard season, so this might hurt. But I still think the Reds can just nick it in the “nick of time!” Late winner here.


Bournemouth Vs Arsenal Sunday 430pm

My Prediction: Bournemouth 0-4 The Gunners

Arsenal are in desperate need of a boost and a big win and lucky for us we are playing lowly Bournemouth this weekend. We were a little unlucky against Southampton midweek because their keeper Fraser Forster decided it was time to step up and earn his keep. But having gone four games without a win is disastrous for the Gunners who were just recently gunning for the title. I think the goal now is just to finish in the top two. We have all our key players back but manager Arsene Wenger needs to start them for their presence to be felt. Olivier Giroud needs to recover his form of the first half of the term, while Theo Walcott needs to do some serious soul searching and ask himself whether he wants to ever be considered a top performer. The team is losing steam and form all at once and it bothers me! We are the Gunners and we need to step up and be counted! Luckily Bournemouth are such an easy team to beat and much needed confidence booster ahead of our matches against Leicester, Barcelona and Manchester United this month. This will be a big win for us; I’m confident of that because the players are sick of the fans complaining! Come on you Gunners!


Chelsea Vs Manchester United Sunday 7pm

My prediction: The Blues 0-1 The Red Devils

All Chelsea games just make me laugh this season. They think they’re still a big team because they are the defending champions but they are victims of sabotaging themselves; if that’s even possible. They appeared to deliberately throw games to get rid of Jose Mourinho but suddenly can’t seem to recover. It was such a joy speaking to Shaffie Weru the day after Chelsea drew with Watford because he was so miserable! So far this term, Chelsea has won seven matches, drawn eight and lost nine! That must be some sort of record for a defending champions. How useless! Man United meanwhile are doing a lot better this year. Whatever Wayne Rooney did over Christmas, he needs to do or eat whatever he ate again. His new year resolution was clearly to play better and score goals and so far so good. Anthony Martial is also proving his worth and for the first time in weeks; United did not compete with piriton in putting fans to sleep. Their convincing win over Stoke city was like a wake up call that they will no longer be push-overs this season; until of course they meet Arsenal later this month. But we all know that Chelsea step up when playing big teams so this will be a tough one; but still a win for United.

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