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January 23, 2019

Learning to love the skin you have

I have seen girls go to greater heights to get their skin lightened. Peer pressure used to be the number one influence until the mother of all landed a few years ago, technology! With more than a hundred channels on our TV sets today and social media at our finger tips, it is hard to convince a girl she is beautiful when she looks at the mirror and sees a dark skinned image when everything else is glorified light.

There is something I like about being dark skin; no drug can give you this type of my skin color. Every time I look at my skin, I see a God who loves variety and originality. Do not kill yourself trying to lighten your skin. God never make mistakes, He loves and likes you exactly the way you are. If He wanted you in any other color, believe you me, nothing could have stood in His way. God loves varieties, don’t deny Him the pleasure of seeing different colors, shapes and sizes. So relax take a deep breath; you are the exact color that God wanted you in, when He looks at you, you take His breath away! Girl, you are God’s favorite!

Tips on how to stay and feel beautiful all day:

  • Take at least 8 glasses of water every day (whether light or dark skinned, you need water for your skin to stay healthy)

  • Eat a balanced diet with whole grains, lot of fruits and vegetables.

  • Avoid junk and oily foods.

  • Use sunscreen to protect your face from UV rays (sun burn)

  • Moisturize your skin always.

  • Put on some make up! It always helps to cheer you up.

  • Do not sleep with your make up on! No matter how tired you are! Wet wipes are your best friend.

  • Do a facial at least once a month. (make sure to use PH balanced products)

  • Do scrub your face once every two weeks to smoothen skin and remove dead skin. Maize flour mixed with water is one of the best natural scrubs.

  • Put on a smile. It’s the best makeup ever!

  • Do regular exercises to keep your body fit.


Tips given by Anita Kombe from

Milele Executive Salon, Spa & Barber. 

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