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January 24, 2019

Venue review

Venue review: Zehneria Portico, Karuna Road, Westlands


I was knocking off from work on Monday when the deluge came and with it the attendant traffic snarl up that you expect in Nairobi – the rain hating. I made a decision to check out this new hotel, the Zehneria Portico, instead of sitting in traffic for three hours like I knew many of my contemporaries would do.

The Zehneria Portico is on Karuna Road, which also has that Sarit Centre and DSTV offices but at the slope on your way to Lower Kabete Road. I walked in and I was led by a friendly staff member who led me to the hotel bar at the first floor. To get to the bar you want to go through the restaurant to the back. As I was settling I have to mention I noted this facility is not really friendly to those in wheelchairs.

The bar was a small affair with one extremely comfortable couch at the side with a little wooden table. There was a door where one could see a pool on the outside where one could swim. There were also a few chairs and tables that could be used should there be enough sunshine.

As it was still quite wet out there I opted to sit at the couch and ask for a cold Tusker which eventually came to Sh300. This price wasn't terrifying if you consider the prices this valuable commodity goes for in the general area.

On inquiring as to whether there was a TV for those who need such things I was informed the bar did not have one. I therefore settled and enjoyed the WiFi in the facility, which was so strong that I was able to comfortably watch YouTube videos without buffering.

It was such a nice experience I was having there until the waiter decided I was not drinking my beer to his pace and proceeded to pour my beer for me to hurry me up. I did not take kindly to this in any place however nice the décor is.


A quick recap of the venue:

Good: Clean washrooms, great décor, decent service, no TV for those looking for peace and quiet.

Bad: Disability unfriendly, emergency exits not convincing,

My verdict: And intimate drink away from those who follow the English Premier League and its friends from Europe. Ideal for a date with someone you are trying to feel out or a partner at a celebration.

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