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February 19, 2019

Gunners have the Cats number so Sam can expect the worst

An Arsenal v Newcastle United match of the Barclays Premier League at Emirates Stadium, January 2, 2016. Photo/REUTERS
An Arsenal v Newcastle United match of the Barclays Premier League at Emirates Stadium, January 2, 2016. Photo/REUTERS

Arsenal Vs Sunderland Today 6pm

My Prediction: The Gunners 3-1 The Black Cats

It’s an FA Cup weekend so this is where the big boys take on the little ones. And the little one facing the Gunners today is Sunderland. This is one tie that will forever be etched in my mind because when we met in the league and we beat them 3-1, I was sitting yards away from Arsenal legend Robert Pires. I think for effect in that tie the Black Cats gave Arsenal a hard time in the first half but then we stepped up and showed the world what we are made of. And we intend to do it again in this little match that unfortunately must be honoured. I don’t know why they don’t just give Arsenal a walk-over. The Gunners are playing well despite several injuries but the side will be boosted by the fact we have won back to back FA Cup titles. Sunderland just aren’t cutting it this term; and even though Jermaine Defoe was lethal in their league match last week, their opponents Aston Villa are just crap this term.

Norwich Vs Manchester City Today 6pm

My Prediction: Norwich 1-3 Citizens

Wasn’t it Norwich who beat Manchester United in the league recently? And wasn’t it Man City who lost to Everton in their first leg League Cup semi final earlier this week. This will be a fun tie to watch for non Manchester fans because we all know that the Canaries can pull of a surprise anytime of day or night! It would be fun to see City suffer another cup defeat in the span of a week although something tells me that Everton will be in deep trouble in their return leg game. City have the pedigree, Norwich the spirit. Unlike United, City have not been losing to many small teams and seem to be getting their act together. I don’t know what happened against Everton; I didn’t watch the match; but I’m told it was one heck of tie! I think Pellegrini’s men wanted to get out of the League Cup (although they’re still in it) but no-one ever wants to exit the FA Cup; particularly when the league is slipping away. This won’t be tough for Kun Aguero and his team-mates.

Manchester United Vs Sheffield United Today 830pm

My Prediction: The Red Devils 1-2 Sheffield United

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when talking about Man United. And please note that if I cry; they’re sure to be happy tears. All of a sudden Wayne Rooney scores a really stylish goal and the Red Devils are behaving like they’ve won the Champions League; despite the fact that they’ve already been relegated to Europa. I love their confidence particularly this season because it’s seen a lot of egg being splashed on the fans faces. Am I being too mean? Okay let me back off and wish them luck against Sheffield United who should be easy to dismiss. But I do remember; early this century; when Sheffield United beat Arsenal in an FA Cup tie and I’ll be wishing that such an upset happens today. LVG is still in charge and still ruling with a note-book; so hopefully last weekend was a fluke; and Man United “are back!” “Back to their losing ways of course!” Yeah I feel like making this prediction a little cheeky!

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