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February 22, 2019

My new boyfriend doesn’t know I am wearing a wig

Hi Valentine,

Please do not laugh but I think you can help me. I wear wigs. The good ones that cost about Sh40,000 plus, and I like the wavy wavy ones. Now I have recently started dating a guy but we haven’t reached that stage where he can see my lines. I still have to look cute at all times. So now what can I do? The hair tangles into a mess.



CA? What? Of course I am laughing. Your man thinks you have some gorgeous nywele, kumbe it’s hiding some random lines and matutas underneath. Hee hee. The wig has never fallen off in the middle of something vigorous?

Seriously though, I asked a wig expert because I have never worn one. She suggests that you condition your wig regularly (about once a week) and that you get some Moroccan oil to apply to it after cleaning and conditioning. Also before you go to bed, braid your hair into one or two cute and loose matutas; then when you get up in the morning spritz some water on the hair when you are opening the braid to restore the curls.

You have just made my week with your question. I feel you though, we must be cute at all times.




Happy New Year Valentine,

I recently hooked up with this guy I have liked for so long. I was so nervous, I was just dry and the whole experience was so awkward. What can I do to relax? I don’t want him to think I am boring in bed or that I was dry because I’m not feeling him.



Ooohhh Sarah! You are intimidated by this guy and the fact that what you have wanted for so long is finally happening in your life. I get it and trust me, we’ve all been there.

Telling you to relax will not help, but a glass or three of wine might; as will a good lubricant, so stock up on these. Also you could try taking sex off the table while you get to know each other a little better and relax around each other. He will become more human and less ‘man of my dreams’ as you spend more time together. Holding hands, kissing and physical contact in general will turn you on in a more relaxed way once you know that sex is not happening just yet.

In the meantime, try and remember to enjoy the journey. This really is happening in your life: a guy you have liked for a really long time is finally here. Do not miss the moment because you are too busy preparing for the next one.

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