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February 23, 2019

5-Minute-Interview: In another life I’d have been Florence Nightingale


I’m good at………organising successful events and counselling.

I’m very bad at……house chores, especially doing the dishes. I am a great cook though.

The last book I enjoyed reading is…To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

The most surprising thing that happened to me is…the existence of my stepson.

A common misconception of me is………I am a snob. I'm really not one, I consider myself a very friendly person.

My worst childhood fears were……and still are large hairy spiders and heights. 

My ideal night out is…a candlelit dinner with my husband, a live jazz band playing in the background while we have a mature conversation.

In another life I’d have been………….Florence Nightingale.

If I was a politician, I would……..…ensure my constituents have clean drinking water, electricity and good roads.

The best age to be is…20, that's when you have your freedom, and 40 – then your kids are independent and you have plenty of money and time on your hands.

The best part of my job is…when I get appreciated by my boss for a job well done.

My greatest regret is…not pursuing my degree earlier in my youth.

Historical figure I most identify with…Martin Luther King Jr.

Living person I most admire…… sister. She's been through hell but still stands victorious and proud of her achievements.

My greatest achievement is…going back to school (university) after many years.

My favourite writer is…Sydney Sheldon. His stories always have an unexpected ending. Very entertaining.

My lowest point of misery…..when my mum was so sick I thought she would die. Thank God for her complete recovery.

My greatest possession is…my children. Most would also say my youthful appearance.

If I was to die in five minutes, my last words would be…Lord, take me home.


Patricia Edward is personal assistant to senior management, Kenswitch Ltd.



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