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January 21, 2019

Guys, Gunners are top of the table and I am confident we can go all the way

Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger. Photo/File
Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger. Photo/File

Happy New Year and “Top of the league!” What a way to start Gunpoint this year but numbers don’t lie. Despite all the jokes that have been made against Arsenal last year from being called pace-setters to “Wengers kids,” the fact is that the Gunners are top of the league; and this time we intend to stay there until May. I guess it’s fair for opposition fans to call us pacesetters because we were in this exact spot two years ago but I trust that the man I love to hate has a plan this time around.

A different Arsene Wenger is in charge now; not the same guys who was there 24 months ago. This one is hungrier and won’t take anything for granted. This Wenger is fully aware that the world is watching and daring him to fail again this season. Even the manager isn’t happy that it’s been more than a decade since the EPL trophy was in Gunners’ hands; more than a decade since the invincible gave us that unforgettable season.

Wenger has been riding on that glory for far too long and knows that it’s time to remind everyone why he is currently the most successful sitting manager in English football. Arsenal has a great squad this season but I am also fully aware that the reason we are top of the league; is because the other big teams are under-performing.

It’s not normal for a team like Manchester City to have lost five matches at this point in the season. In fact Arsenal being on top having lost four games is also rather unusual. Chelsea won the league last season by a long shot; having lost just three matches the entire season; so you can imagine how poor this season is as a whole. But I still applaud my Arsenal for remaining on top and keeping her cool as others fell by the wayside. The title goes to the team at the top of the standings at the end of the season and I am confident Arsenal will still be on top when that time comes.

The Gunners have had their fair share of bad luck this term; particularly with injuries so early in the season. We did not win a single game in November and yet we are still top. I shudder to think how far ahead Arsenal would be if November did not shape up the way it did. Wenger, now that I’ve praised you; please don’t let me down. The transfer market opens today; I know you have already been “eyeing” players but please make that move that will shut all the critics up! All those who have been talking about 11 years with no trophy will have nothing more to say. Please Mr Wenger. As Gunners, we have been so faithful, so please reward our faithfulness in 2016. And on that note; I wish you all and blessed 2016 and I wish my fellow Gunners a year to be proud of! Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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