NTSA leases 45 cars to boost road safety

Some of the cars leased by NTSA from Peugeot to boost operations Photo/Courtesy
Some of the cars leased by NTSA from Peugeot to boost operations Photo/Courtesy

The government has leased 45 cars from a

Kenyan dealer of French auto-maker,


to boost surveillance capabilities.

"The 40 station wagons and five ambulances were leased to the National Transport and Safety Authority," director general Francis Meja told the Star on phone on Monday.

Meja said the government vehicle leasing programme will see the supply of 300 vehicles but said "I am not sure about the amount of money that was spent".

But he said there will be "no cost coming our way" adding "the authority will not spend any money on maintenance as well as


The Business daily that the deal, worth approximately Sh631 million, will see Urysia supply Peugeot vehicles to other government agencies including the Health ministry.

Meja said the cars will help the NTSA carry out its mandate of controlling public service vehicles, patrolling and enforcing traffic rules.

"We are very happy the government has decided to lease the cars to the authority. This is a major boost to the transport sector," he said.

On February 17,

NTSA released a list of and the fines they attract. It also announced plans to install a device that back-tracks speeds for up to 72 hours and checks for faulty speed governors.

Motorists found exceeding speed limits will pay fines ranging from Sh500 to Sh10,000. Traffic Amendments Act 2014 states that motorists will be fined Sh10,000 if found driving 5-10 kph above speed limits.

Offenders will pay Sh15,000 for driving 11-20 kph above the limit, Sh20,000 for exceeding the limit by 21-20kph and Sh25,000 for exceeding by 31kph.