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January 18, 2019

All schools should be art schools

 All Schools Should Be Art Schools is the painting by a British artist and art educator, Patrick Brill (born 1963), who works under his pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith. He made this work for the launch of his 'Art Party', a lobby that promotes art education in schools.

A few years back Barack Obama said 'innovation is the currency of the 21st century'. He emphasised that in this century success will depend on creativity — our ability to imagine new ways of doing things and bring change. As Brill points out, the current education system, based on knowledge retention, places a limit on the development of our creative intellect. Students are taught about innovators and innovations, but not how to innovate. Our schools must be more like art schools, says Brill, where teachers act as enablers and collaborators, not as law enforcers and examiners. Where students are taught to be curious, experimental, self-reliant, resilient, resourceful and entrepreneurial. And where curriculum is tailored to the interests of individual students. Teaching how to think, art prepares the new generation for the future. It enables young thinkers and doers to create the future. 


Alla Tkachuk founded Mask School for Creativity and Innovation in Kenya.  To start a creativity and innovation training in your school, [email protected]


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