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January 17, 2019

Counties spent millions on wheelbarrows, Facebook

The wheelbarrow that cost Sh109,000sh at Bungoma slaughterhouse. Photo/BRIAN OJAMAA
The wheelbarrow that cost Sh109,000sh at Bungoma slaughterhouse. Photo/BRIAN OJAMAA

AS in 2013, Bungoma county was once again in the headlines this year for questionable use of public funds.

The county made the news in 2013 when it set aside Sh50 million for the fight against pornography and drug abuse.

This year, there were disclosures that the county executive had purchased 10 wheelbarrows for Sh1.09 million for its slaughterhouse.

In Meru, residents protested over reports that the county government had purchased curtains worth Sh7.8 million.

The plastic curtains, described as “special”, were bought in the 2014-2015 financial year for use by the Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital.

However, the county defended the purchase, saying the “special curtains” were distributed to all health facilities.

Health executive William Muraa said the “specific standard curtains” were bought for the Amugaa, Kiguchwa and Lailuba maternity units and 12 new dispensaries.

Curtains made by the county tailor have also been put up at the refurbished Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital.

In Homa Bay, Auditor General Edward Ouko reported that employees on the IPPD payroll increased from 593 employees to 2,044.

They were recruited between August 2013 and June last year, raising the monthly payroll from Sh33million to Sh122.7 million.

However, a human resource audit has not been carried out to determine the actual number of staff.

Forty-seven doctors with a monthly wage bill of Sh8.08 million were added to the County IPPD payroll in the month of January 2014.

“However, a physical verification revealed that 22 doctors drawing a monthly pay of Sh3.5 million do not work for the county government,” Ouko said.

Kirinyaga county was also on the spot over outrageous spending, after it allegedly spent Sh1.2 million on a Facebook account.

The county hired a consultant to open and run a Facebook account on behalf of the governor.

Finance executive Murimi Murage said the county had contracted the services of managing social media for the county.

He said they followed procurement regulations.

In Nyamira, the county spent Sh7.6 million on the construction of a hospital gate, even as the hospital run short of medical equipment and drugs.

Bomet county was accused of spending Sh21 million on an unnecessary fire engine.

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