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February 17, 2019

Are we all about complaints and maligning others?

We are a generation that wants (and gets) quick results. We become impatient when things do not go our way, though in my strong opinion I would deem that as petulance. What has prompted all this? I’ll tell you.

Last week on my Twitter timeline, I happened to see someone had complained of apparently stale cake that had been bought from a bakery. She had tagged some media houses and a Twitter activist (if I may) to complain of this. I looked at her account and saw that she had a very inactive account, very few followers and has rarely tweeted about anything else. She had, giving credit where it is due, tagged the bakery in question and complained to them about the staleness of the cake, and they in turn had clearly apologised and told her to email them so that the matter could be investigated.

You’d think the matter would end there right? No, it didn’t. Within a short while, judging from the time stamps on the tweets this woman started lashing out. She had tagged media houses and I just happened to see it so I naturally asked what was going on and why media houses were getting involved. She said the bakery had blocked her after responding to her. Oh, apparently they’d also deleted her tweet. So basically it seemed like it was more of an ego thing than the cake. Why did they do that to me?

I tried to work out the logic. You have been clearly given an email address to get in touch and give in your complaint. You have publicly declared you were in too much of a rush to wait for your receipt yet you want to go on a social media platform and complain that you were almost killed?

She then went on to admit that her cake slice had been replaced the very next day yet two days later she was still online maligning the bakery. This kind of thing annoys me to no end. What is wrong with people these days? Who has brought you up with such poor forward thinking? Why are you intent on maligning the reputation of a business that has done everything to see you compensated?

It’s not just about this ridiculous woman. I’ve seen this happen so many times. It seems like that just because there ease in airing your woes on social media, people want to think up of all sorts of things to court attention. I am the first to admit that there are huge positives in social media interaction. I have benefitted a lot from contacting someone directly to sort out my problem without having to tag every media house in the country to be heard.

Do you know what works for me each and every time? Being polite. It doesn’t cost much to be kind or polite when complaining. I see so much abuse flying around when people complain that I just wonder why they have to stoop so low. Get your problem sorted out amicably and there is no need to start tagging the entire nation to get your problem solved.

Right @UKenyatta?


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