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February 21, 2019

What a fun and funny saga this Champions League is becoming

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

The Champions League story is fun, funny, interesting and unpredictable. And today I’m going to have a bit of fun with Gunpoint. I confess that even I as a devoted Gunner didn’t think we would qualify for the round of 16 after our two opening matches. It seemed impossible but God does work in very mysterious ways. And so does manager Arsene Wenger.

Two matches in and Arsenal still had zero points while our biggest rivals Manchester United had won one game. The Red Devils are always so over-confident and I find it amusing! It makes watching football so much fun! What’s more interesting is the fact that no United fan for one second thought they would lose their final match against Wolfsburg. It didn’t even cross their minds that that could happen. But the same United fans were also so confident that Arsenal would not get two goals or more in Greece! Even after United had gone down on Tuesday; the chorus was “24 hours to join us on Thursday night football.”

The morning after Arsenal qualified, the chorus changed again to “Arsenal has never won the Champions League and you won’t qualify for the quarter finals!” Hilarious!

Maybe we’ll qualify for quarters and maybe we won’t. The fact is that Arsenal will not play Thursday night football any time soon. I love this game!

Other football fans are also now attacking Arsenal fans for suddenly praising Olivier Giroud’s performance. A hat-trick to see us through was amazing; though I’ll also take time here to praise Mesut Ozil for an amazing pass that led to the first goal; and Joel Campbell for his contribution on the night.

Back to Giroud, the player we love to hate and love to love. This is football and if you’re an objective fan you are allowed to criticise performance on the pitch. When Giroud plays poorly and misses hundreds of chances, we will criticise him; and when he does well, we will give him a pat on the back as deserved! It’s football; nothing is permanent! Form goes up and down and part of the joy is commenting every step of the way.

Right now though it’s “Giroud for President!” Allow us to revel in the moment!

Meanwhile I need to wrap up what happened last weekend. In Nairobi the focus was on Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires. I was honoured to have a one on one interview with him which you can see on my youtube channel; and I couldn’t hold my excitement as we hosted the legend at the Kempinski Hotel during the fanzone. I was the MC and I got to do a live on stage match build up with Bob. Yeah we’re on nickname basis! There’s nothing quite like watching an Arsenal game with one of the most important players in the club’s history! Thank you Barclays Bank! By the way, those of you saying Pires can’t be classified as a legend because he never won the Champions League. Well picture this; he does have a Fifa World Cup winner’s medal which some of the guys you call legends don’t have.

If you still doubt his legendary status, then please make google your friend! Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter and

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