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January 17, 2019

On body shaming and images

I read an article online the other day about how some girl in India went to buy a ghagra-choli (long flared skirt with top) at a designer boutique. On not finding one in her size, she was told she should lose weight and then try and come back a few months later to see if something fits her. I was hoping that she walked out of there after setting the store on fire and slapping the person who dared utter such nonsense but this young lady decided to do what everybody does and ranted on social media. That’s ok – at least she spoke up about her experience and named and shamed the store that dared hire employees who thought it was ok to talk to a customer like that.

Then, just yesterday, my colleague Irfan told me about how he went to a known fast food place for a subway sandwich and was humiliated by a staff member who thought she knew what life was all about. So when it came to choosing the dressing for the sandwich, there was the regular mayonnaise and the light mayonnaise. While he was still deciding what dressing to go with, the staff member serving him decided he looked like he needed the light mayonnaise and slapped that onto his sandwich. Irfan is too kind and polite to create a scene but he did ask her why she decided for him he needed the light mayonnaise while he was still deciding. She was unrepentant and didn’t apologise.

This is not just about fat or overweight people. Putting people down because they are slim or skinny is also body shaming. What is wrong with people? Why are you trying to change people to look like how you think they should look like? Why do you think that every person who is overweight is like that because of bad eating habits all the time? Most of the time, yes, it may be the cause, but not all the time. There are silent illnesses that are not visible to our eye and the person could be suffering from that and you’re there, judging away. It’s the same story for skinny people.

It’s disgustingly rude to point out at a slim person and call them ‘skinny bitch’ as if it’s in their control. What is wrong with people? Why is body shaming such a big thing? If someone is looking after themselves in terms of diet and exercise, why is it such a problem with you if you think they look too large or too small in size?

The day we start minding our business, we will be such a pleasant bunch of people. Everyone seems to have their nose stuck in someone else’s life and it’s horrible.

The person who served that girl in that boutique store should have been fired for being so stupid. If the girl wanted an opinion on her size I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have walked into a boutique as a potential customer to have her esteem ripped to shreds.

Be kind to people, for goodness sake. Mind your own damn business and stop shaming people for their bodies and for how they look. I’m pretty sure the only person who thinks you’re flawless is probably your mother.


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