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January 21, 2019

It's disappointing that nothing is being done to change Stars' situation

Harambee Stars players
Harambee Stars players

Last week I went on a rant and a rave about how Harambee Stars were treated like modern day slaves in the whole Cape Verde fiasco and I hoped that at the very least; the highest office in the land would do something about it.

I then had an interesting conversation with one Dennis Itumbi on my show last weekend and he said the President could not possibly micro manage everything that happens in the country. My point to Itumbi was that the President could and should at least put someone in charge of the Sports docket who could micro-manage our sport affairs.

When I heard there was a cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday, I was keen to find out who would be beginning the process of fixing football and sport in general in this country I love so much. But alas! I give up now and I have retreated back to my pet subject that won’t in any way put food on the table for any Kenyan footballer or their families. I tried but if no-one who matters seems to care, then I give up!

So to my fellow Gunners; I love you! You are such a unique brand of fans and I am proud to be one of you. I don’t believe any other club has such loyal and emotional fans and it takes watching the beautiful game; that much more fun!

The weekend was horrible for the Gunners and I actually took “leave” from our facebook group The Score Kenya. What do you say when you’ve been so mouthy and then your team goes on to lose; so I said nothing. In fact I went straight home and slept on Saturday night. Now onto Champions League, where I was expecting a decent Arsenal performance against Dinamo Zagreb but not the 3-0 drubbing that we gave the Croatian club.

How sweet that game was to an Arsenal soul. Of course my next stop the morning after as The Score Kenya facebook group where my fellow Gunners; who had been asleep for three days; had woken up to do what we do best—boast! We cry together, we smile together, we hope together and we celebrate together. We are the Gunners! I wish I was this proud of Kenyan sport but our leadership makes it so hard for me. I am proud of Harambee Stars because the actual team strives so hard to get results; but I actually feel that I would be ashamed to face them right now.

Even though it’s not my fault that their allowances haven’t been paid and that they are being treated like second class citizens; I know it’s not right. It’s not right that footballers who represent the whole country still have to hustle day in, day out to make ends meet. It’s not right that federation presidents call to threaten ex-players who are trying to fight for the next generation of players to have a better future. It’s not right that despite all the wrongs with our football management; the current office could still find themselves back to mismanage the sport for a further four year. And it’s not right when our government turns a blind eye; when our government doesn’t ask itself why fans are so consumed with foreign leagues and many can’t even name the Harambee Stars first eleven! Supporting our own in many sports has become so depressing; primarily because of poor planning; that we’ve all taken the easy way out—focusing on what is organized and pretty!

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