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November 20, 2018

Rentals top search at Kenya's property portal Lamudi

MOST online property enquiries are by customers seeking to rent rather than buy, a reflection of high house prices in the country, portal Lamudi has said.

Lamudi, which started operations in Kenya two years ago, said the majority of its clients are those looking for units to rent. Managing director Dan Karua said 66 per cent of Lamudi portal users are clients interested in renting while the remainder are property buyers.

Karua added that apartments are the most popular among those seeking rentals while stand-alone houses mostly attract buyers.

“Company data shows that tenants are more likely to look for apartments, with 81 per cent of enquiries being on apartments, while houses are more preferable as a purchase option, with 54 per cent of buyers seeking stand-alone homes,” he said.

The portal also includes a mortgage calculator.

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