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February 21, 2019

My married Ex wants sex

My married Ex wants sex
My married Ex wants sex

“Valentine, my ex got married and whenever we meet he starts claiming that I am the one who left him and made him get married. I still have feelings for him. Should I have sex with him when he requests?”


Wow! I would love to meet you. You are so powerful. You left this man and you made him get married? Seriously, you made him commit his entire life to another woman? He met her, dated her, proposed, took goats to her family and is now creating a life with her because of you? A woman as powerful as you should be very careful about her life decisions.

I am being sarcastic, hoping that you will hear the ridiculousness of his claims. From what you say, you broke up, he married someone else and now he wants sex with you. What you are really asking for is permission to become this man’s mistress and I cannot give you that – only you and your moral code can do that. By the way what exactly is he offering?  Is it occasional sex or does he want you to be his girlfriend on the side?

There is a great lesson to be learned from this man. He wanted a wife so he went and got one. Now he wants sex with you and he is going after it. It is time for you to go after what you want, just as he is. If it’s your dream to be his mistress or eventually a second wife – to be with him under whatever terms – then by all means go ahead. I would however urge you to revisit your reasons for the breakup and see if the circumstances have changed. Was he unfaithful? Did he disrespect you? Did he treat you badly? If the reasons still stand, then you are simply walking back into the same situation that made you unhappy enough to breakup with him in the first place. Wife or no wife, those issues will make you unhappy again.

Girl, just go for what you want. Life is too short to choose misery.

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