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December 13, 2018

Jazz maestro Moussa Diallo for Nairobi concert

Moussa Diallo.
Moussa Diallo.

WORLD famous Jazz maestro Moussa Diallo will perform in Nairobi this weekend.

The Danish-Malian superstar will headline the Kibera Talent Search competition grand finale on Saturday.

Diallo grew up in Mali, but moved to Denmark as an 18-year-old, where he has since established himself as one of the most active bass players in the genres of pop, rock and funk. He is appreciated as a bass player and was the 2006 Ken Gudman Price winner.

He also received the national price in Go Global World Music Award in 2008

The 60-year-old singer, composer and author is solid bassist with The Savage Rose, a Danish psychedelic rock group. He has also helped to start bands like Sneakers, Skunk Funk and Marquis de Sade. He has participated in Birds of Beauty, Burnin ‘Red Ivanhoe, Moon Jam and was on the seminal fusion album Badminton, including Aske Bentzon and Kasper Winding.

He has released five solo albums and published the book, Once Upon a Time.

In Nairobi, he will hold it down alongside a number Kenyan artistes among them Juliani, Eko Dydda, Sarabi Band and all the competition’s finalists.

During the event, judges including Natalie of Sauti Academy, Juliani, Juliet and Gaz Wa Mfalme will select the top talent in various categories, among them hip-hop, contemporary, reggae and dancehall and dance.

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