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February 21, 2019

Trust board to manage education in Nairobi

NAIROBI City County has established an education trust to manage the education sector.

County education secretary Christopher Khaemba said very soon the Nairobi City County Education Trust (NCCET) will be launched.

Education CS Jacob Kaimenyi will preside over the launch and signing ceremony of the independent trust to mobilise external resources for the education sector in the county.

“NCCET aims to catalyse and enable transformative provision of quality education for all children in Nairobi,” Khaemba said, adding that just like water is managed separately, education will be under a trust board.

An executive summary of the plan indicates that the trust will first target reforms in early childhood education (ECE).

The ECE target is informed by global research. “Investment in ECE does more than pay significant returns to children... [it] also benefits taxpayers and enhances economic vitality,” the plan adds.

Nairobi government will first build 97 new ECE centres in slum areas at a cost of Sh582 million. One centre will cost Sh6 million.

The trust will complement the centres by structuring and implementing a robust programme to operationalise the schools in order to ensure delivery of quality education.

The county government will, in collaboration with the trust, make ECEs centres of excellence. Each school will operate as a Nairobi Early Childhood Education Centre of Excellence.

Curriculum development, school management and selection of school operators, headteachers and teachers will be done by a school system developer —an entity with experience and capacity to undertake and oversee the delivery of quality early childhood education.

Khaemba added: “Funding is always an issue which has been discussed widely. NCCET will fund schools through a modified development impact bond structure.”

This is an outcomes-based financing model where the principal funders—government, foundations and development partners — set priorities and pay for results that benefit society while the implementing partners are able to innovate and deliver flexible high quality social services that meet targeted outcomes.

The trust will have a board of trustees whose proposed chairman is Dr Henry Chakava. Proposed trustees are Dr Evans Kidero, former US assistant secretary of state for African affairs Jendayi Frazer, CBK deputy governor Sheila M’mbijjiwe, Ory Okolloh-Mwangi, NIC Bank MD John Gachora, Humphrey Wattanga and Susannah Hares of Ark International and Christopher Khaemba.

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