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January 22, 2019

Mital Pattni exhibits at Zen Gardens in Nairobi

The artist Mital Pattni.
The artist Mital Pattni.

Last week, the Zen Gardens situated along Lower Kabete Road in Nairobi played host to Minal Pattni’s art exhibition ‘Ganesha’.

The two-day exhibition’s purpose was to allow the Asian community to reflect on their Lord Ganesha, who is in the form of the head of an elephant with a human body, ahead of the Diwali celebrations. She said her paintings were mainly centred on Lord Ganesha who comes in many forms like baby, playing sling among others but covers many roles.

“Our lord is known as that of knowledge who creates new beginnings and removes obstacles so as we enter Diwali festive celebrations, which is the start of new event, we believe he would remove all obstacles for us,” she said.

She has had the privilege of painting live on stage and managed to bring a plain canvas to life in less than an hour, which was signed by Bollywood fashion guru Manish Malhotra and was up for auction.

Minal has also exhibited in London UK, Russia and Dubai.

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