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February 18, 2019


State gives Sh245m for Kenyans killed by animals

TREASURY has released Sh245 million to compensate relatives of those who have been killed by wild animals. Environment Cabinet secretary Judi Wakhungu said the amount released is not enough compared to the number of compensation claims. “Kajiado is set to receive Sh 15 million for three loss of lives,” she said. Wakhungu said County Wildlife Conservation and Compensation Committee will now be up and running after release of funds. Leaders from Kajiado county led by Governor David Nkedienye, Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito raised their concerns over delayed compensation.


Rotarians plant 10,000 mangroves in Watamu

Young Rotarians from Malindi and Watamu have planted 10,000 mangrove trees in Mida creek to help conserve the environment.

The group, popularly called Rotaracts, took the initiative to increase the mangrove cover to attract birds and marine species. Rotaracts President of Watamu Nixon Yaa and his Malindi counterparts led a team of other Rotarians in the planting exercise in the area. Yaa said the project was made successful through the help of Karibuni Onlus, an international NGO that bought them the seedlings. “Mangroves are tourist attraction they bring fresh air and also attract unique birds that are rarely found in other parts of the country,’’ he said.


Kajiado hires new sewer squad to stop pollution

Kajiado county government has come up with an Environment Bill that see plot owners pay a minimum fine of Sh100,000 for discharging raw waste in the open. Environment director John Kanini said raw waste is a menace in Rongai adding that a new team has been hired to catch the offending landlords.

“In Rongai there is a lot of raw waste that is being discharged in the open, as the county government we have come up with a bill that will be gazetted in a month’s time,” said Kanini.

Chief officer of water Florence Waiganjo said there has been complains over raw waste in open trenches. “What we have come up with will make many fear and stop the vice,” said Waiganjo.


Men who cook have better sex life – study

A new study has revealed that men who made a fair contribution to housework enjoyed more frequent and satisfying sex with their partners.

Dr Matt Johnson, a family ecology professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, examined data from a five-year study of 1,338 German couples to see if the amount of housework, like cooking, the male partner did was a predictor of a couple’s sex life. He found that when men perceived their contributions to the division of labour as fair, the couple engaged in more frequent sex and both male and female partners were more satisfied with their sex life.

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