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January 24, 2019

Please, just let the Arsenal fans dance after beating Bayern

Arsenal's Petr Cech in action Action Images via Reuters /Tony O'Brien Livepic
Arsenal's Petr Cech in action Action Images via Reuters /Tony O'Brien Livepic

Why can’t y’all just allow Arsenal fans to celebrate a win over Bayern Munich? Yawa!

There’s been so much bile on The Score Kenya facebook group from supporters of Manchester United over the way Arsenal fans celebrated that impressive victory.

No the victory didn’t give us the Champions League trophy and yes we are still bottom of our group; for now, but a win is a win and the boys need a pat on the back for that amazing display.

I think manager Arsene Wenger needs to keep Olivier Giroud as a super sub because it keeps him on his toes. I think Theo Walcott will start scoring many goals soon so the current arrangement works for me.

Giroud always comes in knowing that time and favour isn’t on his side and that attitude helps to get results. And what can I say about Hector Bellerin.

Yes Bayern Munich’s Douglas Costa gave him a hard time for the first half of the game; but he came back in the second to solidify his position as Wenger’s first choice right back!

And to think his former boss at Watford where he spent a short stint about three years ago, never saw him as a right back at all. The kid plays with commitment and intelligence and if Wenger continues to let him play first team football, then the sky is the limit for him.

Infact now I pity Mathieu Debuchy who also impressed when he first came but injury saw Bellerin take his first team position and clearly, own it! Well done to the Gunners; I was impressed on Tuesday and hopefully this form will stay with us as we face Everton tomorrow.

What is going on at Chelsea? It’s now a little disturbing because I thought it was a phase they were going through. They drew midweek against Dynamo Kiev and once again Mr Whiney blamed the referee. Honestly Jose Mourinho’s whining is beginning to bore me now.

How about you telling your team to step up their game instead of blaming the referee every single week. As much as Roman Abramovich says he’s 100% behind the Portuguese tactician, such results can turn the tables very quickly! Just ask Brendan Rodgers.

Which brings me to the new kid on the block who last week described himself as “The normal One.” Jurgen Klopp was addressing the media the other day and didn’t mince his words when he said that British media was intrusive.

I’ve summed it up because in his German-English he took a much longer route to get that message across. But I like the fact that he isn’t sucking up to the media. He knows he is contractually obliged to address them pre and post match and in a weekly conference, so he’s doing that, but he’s being honest.

Lukas Leiva was asked by the media this week what it was like to work under Klopp and the manager refused to let the player answer it.

Quote: “It’s nothing we have to talk about, we talk about the game. It’s been 11 days. If he thinks I’m an idiot he cannot say. So why ask him that. It’s a self-answering question.” Then he turned to Leiva and said: “You don’t have to answer.” Oh I broke into a fit of laughter and a little jealousy. This man has a great attitude and I think he’ll do well in England given a little time.

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