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November 20, 2018

Five minutes - Monday

I am good at... mobilising people and planning, in particular at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

I am very bad at... tolerating people who are lazy especially at their place of work.

The last  book I enjoyed reading is... Laudato Si. It is not really a book but an encyclical letter from Holy Father Pope Francis on care  for our common homes.

A   common misconception about me is... that I am a perfectionist.

One of my worst childhood fears was... failing in life.

My ideal night out is... a quiet time of night prayer.

In another life I would have been... a lawyer.

If  I were  a politician... I would fight to protect people's lives and the environment.

The best part of my job is... getting the results I had planned for.

My  greatest regret  is... I have no regrets in life.

Historical figure I most identify with... my mum and dad.

Living  leader I most admire... Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic church.


My greatest  possession is ... priesthood. It's what I have always wanted to be since I was young.

If you were  to die in five minutes  my  last would would be... I  have run my race, I have  kept my faith and I forgive all.


Rev Dr Pius Male is the director of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa's Gaba Campus in Eldoret.

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