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January 17, 2019


Group leads Vihiga youth to plant 3,000 trees

By Elizabeth Were


More than 3,000 tree seedlings were planted last weekend by the youths in three primary schools in Vihiga county courtesy of the Youth Empowerment Project.

The primary schools are Emabwi, Emukhunzulu and Ebuyalu Primary School.

The forum further used a football tournament to bring together communities.

The Kenya Organisation of Environment Education said when youth are unemployed for long periods they are likely to engage in antisocial behaviour.

“Idle youth are misused and turned into political ponds by politicians. This situation presents youth as needy, helpless and unprepared to make any contribution to national development affairs,” KOEE executive director Dorcus Otieno said.

She urged schools to develop a curriculum on environment to make the youth learn more about it.


Travellers to get Jovago on Google hotels adverts

HoteL booking website Jovago has been incorporated into the Google Hotels Ads. This strategic collaboration aims to ease the process of hotel search and reservation for travelers in Africa. This will allow Google users access the best deals at any time and at their convenience, through the platform thus granting a diverse range of users the chance to find and book hotels across the African continent.

Jovago CEO Paul Midy said: “Google is a giant and the hotel finder meta-search is a remarkable and handy tool for travelers around the world looking to make smart and informed decisions when booking hotels.”


Kenya archives go digital ahead of Mashujaa Day

The Google Cultural Institute, in collaboration with the Kenya National Archives, has launched the digitised National Archives - an initiative that celebrates and promotes Kenyan history, Africa’s heroes and cultural heritage.

With the digitised national archives, artifacts and historical documents will now be accessible at the click of the button.

This means that anyone interacting with the artifacts online will not only come face to face with the history of Kenya and countries like Ethiopia, Madagascar, the DR of Congo and Nigeria, but also celebrate African heroes, art and culture.

“The KNA owns important material that tells a story about a period of time or event that is rarely put on display,” said Google country manager Charles Murito.


Zimbabwe won’t charge US killer of Cecil lion

The US dentist who sparked an international outcry after killing a lion in Zimbabwe will not be prosecuted because he had obtained the legal authority to hunt, officials say.

Walter Palmer admitted to killing Cecil the lion in July but has always denied that he acted illegally.

Zimbabwe’s Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri said he could not be charged as all his “papers were in order”. Muchinguri said Zimbabwe would now review how it issues hunting licences.

The environment minister had previously called for Palmer to be extradited and face prosecution. Meanwhile the trial against Palmer’s Zimbabwean guide, Theo Bronkhurst, is due to continue.

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