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January 21, 2019

Let us hope Bobby has worked on Stars defensive frailties

A file photo of Harambee Stars players.
A file photo of Harambee Stars players.

Harambee Stars Vs Mauritius

Sunday 4pm Kasarani

My Prediction: Stars 2-0 Mauritius

No doubt we had a great game in Mauritius midweek with that 5-2 win! The players and coach are over the moon but there is still a big job to complete before we can focus on playing Cape Verde; which will be a whole new ball game. The focus now is on tomorrow’s game and ensuring we don’t let the Islanders embarrass us at home. Even though the job is almost done, it’s evident that we had a problem in defence during the first leg.

And that needs to be sealed. The Stars flew back on Thursday and I know that Bobby Williamson has been taking a fresh look at the back and putting a lot of focus there in training.

We have a decent side but we must learn that a game isn’t over when you’re leading by a big margin; it’s over when the final whistle blows, and not a second sooner. So the guys need to concentrate fully!

Williamson is likely to start the same eleven who started midweek because he, and we, can trust them. I like that there are no divas in the team anymore. Victor Wanyama may be rich and successful, but if he can keep his cool as he did in Mauritius then we are good to go.

Our “best friends” at the federation have cut ticket prices to ensure we fill Kasarani to the brim! A terrace ticket is just 100 bob while VIP will go for just Sh500.

It’s never going to get cheaper than that to watch our national team so I suggest you take advantage of the offer and turn up to cheer our boys.

Even though so many of you thought I had made a mistake when I posted full time results on Wednesday, we – the team and I – forgive.

Tomorrow you can go and see the goals fly in for yourselves. As long as the Stars don’t believe the game is won before we start, then this game will be a piece of cake!

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