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February 21, 2019

Group admin? Mind your Ps and Qs

Social media rules over many things these days – from products to services, from public figures to establishments. People are beginning to release how to tap into this free advertising market and push whatever it is that they want to push. Facebook, for one, soon realised this and created something called Pages, which actually cater for these markets.

They can be free if you choose to keep them that way but that also limits your target audience. You have the option of buying advertising space directly from Facebook with just a credit card. I do see a lot of adverts for sometimes the silliest of things, but hey, it’s a free world where your freedom of speech is concerned, right?

Not quite so when you are the admin of a page and are actually a brand ambassador of the page that you run. Basically you are speaking on behalf of that brand and how you conduct yourself online speaks volumes not just about the way you treat others but frankly, even the way you were brought up.

For example, early this week, I happened to see some creative hub page reply to someone who was asking for directions. She seemed to want more detailed directions than given and it seemed like previously someone else had asked for the same and was given the answer.

When this lady replied, the admin of the page, who I thought needed a backhanded slap, decided to become condescending and patronizing by repeatedly asking this lady if she was serious about wanting the directions and then finally resorting to insulting her by saying she should stick to knitting. Knitting. I lost my cool.

Not only was this sexist, it was downright rude, idiotic, arrogant and all the words I can think of that my editors would never allow to go to print.

To make matters worse, when called out on this, the admin of this group page got even cockier and decided being funny was a great way of dealing with the situation. Bad move.

It went from bad to worse and it was a basic foot in mouth situation. Eventually after I took to calling out whoever was running this page and demanding that they apologise for the knitting remark, a half-hearted apology was issued with impatient demands of ‘Can we get on with this already?’.

I ran the scenario by my teenage daughter and she demanded to know why people think that only females are meant to knit. I was proud of her reasoning because she’s darm right. To add insult to injury, the admin had very politely given detailed directions to a man who had asked the same. What ridiculous double standards!

I’ll just tell people who allow morons to run their pages on social media to be very careful and put them through a vetting process. Or simply get an agency to run it for you at a nominal cost. At least your good reputation won’t be in the mud because of a slanderous idiot who has no idea what social media etiquette is.

Rant over. Have a great weekend. Keep an umbrella handy. The weather people have said it’s going to rain!


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