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February 16, 2019

Narok women to get solar power

An energy saving jiko.
An energy saving jiko. Photo/FILE

Women in Narok will receive solar power and energy saving jikos through a new partnership between two organisations.

Philips East Africa Limited and Joyful Women Organisation (JoyWo) partnered to improve access to solar powered lighting and clean cooking technologies in Kenya. The partnership involves providing solar LED lanterns and clean, efficient household cooking stoves developed specifically for semi-urban and rural communities across the country.

The partnership was launched by Rachel Ruto, the founder and patron of JoyWo, and wife to deputy president William Ruto, at Maasai Mara University recently.

The partnership aims at improving the health, well-being and income of rural populations while having a direct positive impact on the environment.

It will also incorporate community education and access to financing to adopt solar LED lighting and clean cooking technologies.

Philips will supply the solar lanterns and home systems as well as the cook stoves to JoyWo, whose members will purchase these products via loans through the Table Banking scheme. A Memorandum of Understanding between Philips and JoyWo was signed on July 6 in Nairobi.

“The partnership between Philips and JoyWo is seeking to address one of the most serious challenges afflicting rural women and communities, namely, lack of access to affordable, clean and reliable energy. This is what is often referred to as energy poverty and constitutes a major obstacle to the realization of sustainable development and poverty eradication,” said Rachel.

According to the World Energy Outlook 2012, 2.6 billion people still depend on traditional cooking stoves or open fires for cooking and heating their homes.

The health and environmental risks of this are considerable.

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