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January 19, 2019

The Honest, Nasty Truth

Nairobi teachers calling for improved pay by the Govt along Mfangano street in Nairobi. Photo/File
Nairobi teachers calling for improved pay by the Govt along Mfangano street in Nairobi. Photo/File

I had no idea we think if someone's opinion is contra to yours then it must be wrong. That's being narrow-minded. I am clear and RIGHT about the wage bill being messed up and teachers are too weak, too shallow and too scared, to go after is the hoard of politicians who earn loads for doing nothing.


FACT: Teachers will never take the fight to the political class.

Teachers will vote for the same people who robe them year-in-year-out and have done so since this demand for better wages began in 1997.


FACT: Public school teachers will vote for the same people who don't TRUST THEM with THEIR children's education.

Please don't forget that, some of them were public school teachers until the other day. Go figure.


FACT: Out of 280,000 striking teachers - 60 per cent will vote for Uhuru. Central Kenya doesn't roll any other way. Yeah I said it!!

In the heat of the moment, teachers have always voted their rights and lives away and let me repeat this

"to People who don't TRUST YOU with THEIR children's education". It has been so since 1997.


FACT: How many prayer meetings have been held for teachers?

Okay - how many prayers meetings have been held for ICC?

The last one happened in the middle of YOUR strike - last weekend in Ruiru.

Doesn't the church doesn't have your back?


FACT: Beyond a few hashtags you can't even get the biggest activists to stand with you. Even the activists' kids are NOT in public school. The most fierce of activists pay you lip service - They don't ENTRUST the education of their children to you.

When are you going to get it??


FACT: When you're too weak, too short-sighted to take your fight to the political class you come after me for stating uncomfortable facts? Come on! Get real!


FACT: I am not the enemy. I am simply the only person who will state the ugly, painful, clear truth. Just because I won't be bullied into joining a chorus that makes no sense doesn't me wrong or bad. It just says I don't JOIN BANDWAGONS.


FACT: I don't lie and I will NOT "paka public teachers mafuta" while sending my kids to a private school. Even I can't be that shallow.

Actually - you have enough people paying lip-service and hashtag service to you - why do you need me?

Is this a case of the more the merrier even if it's hypocritical?

I wish I could just join the bandwagon and lie with my keyboard - for sure you would like me more.

For sure you would. You love a good lie. How else do you find yourselves here?


How I wish I could just go with the flow - but the only things that go with the flow are dead fish.

That is the distinct uncomfortable annoying truth about me.



Look how easily, almost automatically, infuriatingly you have switched your focus to me. Seriously?

The politicians collectively want to send me flowers and chocolates. Seriously.

Your attention is now on me and my small column? As they say on Twitter - Eish


FACT: The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off!


Great. You're pissed off! Now what?

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