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January 20, 2019

Oshwal Academy celebrate 'A' level results

It has been a week of reckoning for thousands of Kenyan students who undertook their final A level exams under the British curriculum.

There were tears of joy, hugs and celebrations as the students discovered how they fared in the exams.

At the Oshwal Academy Nairobi and Mombasa, students and teachers praised the results which will see students enter their chosen universities.

Peter Barton, the director of education at the academy, said: “We have a drastic increase this year in our A* to B grades. Our pass rate has risen, with a larger percentage of students with A* to B grades, which is a dramatic improvement from last year.”

“We’re absolutely delighted by the achievements of all the students, and very proud of all the staff who worked hard to achieve this fete,” Barton said.

The top student at the academy, Bindi Mahesh Nagda, scored straights As in the six subjects entered. Bindi, who intends to study Aerospace Engineering at the Florida institute of technology, said his parents are very encouraging and have always motivated him to do well.

“They have been inspirational role models for me and my siblings, I am truly excited.”

British curriculum has become quite popular in the Kenyan educational market providing an alternative to the national curriculum 8-4-4. More than 30 schools provide British curriculum in the country with the majority serving the expatriate community.

A-levels are internationally recognised qualifications that are required for entry into many university courses and professional training opportunities. Students typically study A-levels between the ages of 17 and 18.

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