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February 23, 2019

Go ahead and laugh but my EPL season campaign starts today

Arsenal's head coach Arsene Wenger.
Arsenal's head coach Arsene Wenger.

Imagine I thought the English Premier League was starting last weekend. I had psyched myself up and was ready for the action but it seems it started for just about every team but Arsenal.

As a Gunner I have convinced myself what happened in the league last weekend was some sort of bad dream curtain raiser and the league proper will begin this evening.

Yes I said this evening because for the first time the EPL will have Friday night matches and tonight Manchester United travel to Villa Park to take on Aston Villa. And you know who I’ll be supporting to win.

Back to serious matters. I’m actually not that annoyed at Arsenal’s win last weekend because I still wish Manager Arsene Wenger could add a top striker to the squad. Arsenal clearly needs a top class finisher, although a lot of the errors made last Sunday were defensive ones. It was more a case of lost concentration rather than lack of skill. At the front, it was about lack of skill.

I believe Theo Walcott would have done better if he had started the match but Wenger seems to believe too much in Olivier Giroud despite his blunt boots. We can’t afford to have so many chances, dominate a game, particular the first half in last week’s case, and not score.

We need a top finisher and the loss has hopefully made it very clear to Wenger that he won’t waste any more time on the matter. If Karim Benzema is the man, can we do the deal already!

If it’s somebody else, although I don’t know which other top striker is available, then can we make the move without further delay. The transfer market closes in about two weeks. I don’t want us to wait until the last minute only for Wenger to pull a “Danny Welbeck!”

Anyway for those of you who tried to take over social media by silencing the Gunners after the loss, please understand there are 37 matches still to go in the league.

And since there are no West Ham fans in Kenya; actually there’s one who is a director at Buffet Park; but apart from Gathua; we are yet to play and take points off all your teams. You watch this space!

Wenger won’t take last week’s embarrassment again and so he will pull up his socks from now. Had Arsenal won; I would have been worried that Wenger wouldn’t continue to hunt for a marksman. He would sit back on his laurels; the transfer market would close; and we would still have Giroud as our main striker.

So make fun of us as much as you like; but I am going with the notion that there is indeed a silver lining in every cloud. I am steadfast in my support of Arsenal and I am proud to be a Gunner! And I know there are many like me in this country who will stick behind Arsenal through rain or shine.

Okay secretly I’m praying that the rain will end and that the sun will begin to shine.

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