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February 21, 2019


Sex and Science

Women who feel confident and comfortable about their vaginas have more sex and get more head, according to a US study. But vaginal self-confidence isn’t only about pleasure, it could just save your life.

Women who feel positive about their vaginas are more likely to go in for regular check-ups at the gynaecologist, the study found.


But what exactly is vaginal self-confidence, and how do you measure it? To find out how positive women felt about their vaginas, the researchers scored them on the ‘Female Genital Self-Image Scale’, or FGSIS.

The higher you score on answers like, "I think my genitals smell fine" and "I think my genitals work the way they are supposed to work", the more confident you’re likely to feel about your vagina. 

In the end, it comes down to not being embarrassed about having someone you’re sexually involved with look at your genitals, or about letting a gynaecologist examine you. 

So it seems fretting over what a gynaecologist will think about their vagina may be the reason some women avoid going in for a check-up. Pubic hair worries are one excuse for postponing the visit. Some women say they feel they have to ‘prepare’ first by removing their hair.


Regular visits to the gynaecologist should start at puberty, between the ages of 13 and 15, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. The tests a gynaecologist carries out as part of a check-up depend on different factors such as your age and sexual history.

Going in for a check-up can help keep you healthy or even save your life. A Pap test, or cervical smear, can help detect cervical cancer early on. The gynaecologist may also check your vulva on the outside and your vagina and cervix on the inside to make sure they look and feel healthy. The visit is also a good opportunity to discuss sexSTD prevention, birth control, and other concerns.

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