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November 20, 2018

Eight signs you're addicted to porn

Eight signs you're addicted to porn
Eight signs you're addicted to porn


Porn is a fun and easy way to add spice to your sex life. But at what point does a little entertainment turn into a harmful addiction?

  1. You spend an excessive amount of time watching porn
    Porn addicts tend to spend an excessive amount of time watching porn, alone with their fantasies. They often keep unusual hours and neglect family, friends and other responsibilities to feed their addiction. But how much is too much? It’s too much when you’ve decided you want to stop, but can’t help yourself to more. 
  2. You’ve become anti-social
    Porn addicts often spend more time with pornography than they do interacting with the outside world – a habit that can harm their ability to establish long-term relationships.
  3. You’re lying to your partner
    Feeling ashamed of themselves, porn addicts cloud their relationships with secrecy and dishonesty. They might want to hide their porn habit from their partner.
  4. Your partner no longer seems attractive
    With their perfectly toned and shaved or waxed bodies, porn stars pose a real risk of luring you into a world of permanent sexual fantasy. This can make it hard to be turned on by a living, breathing human being. With perfection as the competition, you may begin finding your partner unattractive in comparison. 
  5. Your sex life is suffering
    You may grow emotionally distant from your partner because of porn addiction. This could land you in a dissatisfying sex life. Even during sex, the porn addict’s mind may be stuck in their fantasy world, in which no real experience can measure up. It isn’t uncommon for men and women addicted to porn to experience a loss of sexual desire for their partner. This is because they have become used to being turned on only by pornographic images. In such cases, addicts often blame their partners for their inability to perform, and the relationship suffers even further.
  6. Your concept of intimacy has become distorted
    A porn addict’s expectations about sex and intimacy can become unrealistic. If you’re only interested in people who look and perform like porn stars, and think there’s something wrong with partners who don’t, then it may be time to find help.
  7. Your obsession with porn is causing you distress
    Your porn-watching habits can cause you physiological and emotional distress. It could be because your porn addiction doesn’t match your value system. This can give you feelings of isolation, shame or irritability.
  8. Your sexual behaviour is becoming increasingly risky
    You may want to imitate fantasy scenes from porn films in real life. If you have unprotected sex with strangers, it can be risky to your health and well-being. Indulging in child or other illegal pornography can also expose you to greater risks. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to seek immediate help. 

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