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February 20, 2019

Makeup in a made up world

I think I finally realise now why makeup is known as war paint. Every time you smear it on you’re getting into all kinds of battles. You want to fight to look good, you want to fight to cover your blemishes, you want to fight with weather elements and make sure you don’t look like you’re melting, or even worse, a clown. Wait, it get’s worse according to the insults I read aimed at women who wear make up – a child let loose on a colouring book with crayons.

I love to wear make up. I’m not saying I look great in it but it does make me feel a bit more confident. I don’t have the best skin or features but I do like to make the best of what I have with palettes and vials and tubes of colour. I love to splurge on lipstick, gloss, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, primer, foundation, powder and the whole works. I will pore over magazines and online adverts for cosmetics and get dilated eyes when I see something new that I would like to try or buy.

I’ve tried the smoky-eyed look a few times. Sometimes I get it and then most of the times, it’s like Halloween came early. I’ve sat and watched a number of YouTube tutorials by girls who look like they haven’t even sat their high school final exams. Then, I suddenly realise my mistake. I’ve been watching tutorials for girls who are far younger than me and I needed to find something that was more suited for my age. I must say that did work for a while but then I’m back to square one because of product unavailability. Do you know how disgustingly difficult it is to get a foundation that matches my colour tone?

Just as I settle down with a colour that actually matches my skin tone, guess what the manufacturers do. They stop making it. I can understand Kim Kardashian’s frustrated tweet to Armani. So much so, she misspelt the brand name and they trolled her right back with some classy reply. I can’t even remember what they said because I was busy sympathising with Kim at the heinous crime of having your favourite foundation discontinued.

That’s just the foundation. What about lip colour? That’s one thing that annoys me to no end. In my eternal quest to find the perfect red lipstick I have now discovered two of my favourite (rather expensive) brands make the perfect red lipstick shade. I have decided that it’s better to have two that are similar than one that will probably get discontinued just as soon as your tube of lip colour has reached the rest In peace stage.

The make up industry churns profits in billions of dollars and I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or not but I spend the amount of the GDP of a small country on makeup. Besides shoes, perfume and handbags, I have a tendency to blow a lot of money on make up.

I’m not defending myself on this front. Sometimes even I know I don’t need more than half of what I have, and that I will carry on using MAC’s Ruby Woo because it’s my most favourite red colour lipstick despite having at least nine other shades of red in my makeup drawer, but I also know that there are people who will agree with me that the thrill of buying a new product, adding it to your collection, using it for the first time and realising it was something you have been waiting for all your life is a phenomenal feeling.

Keep on keeping on. Don’t let anyone tell you that you wear too much or too little, or that something doesn’t suit you. It’s your life, your wish, your rules, your life. Do what you want simply because it makes you happy.

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