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December 17, 2018

I hope Gunners take pre-season form to where it matter most

And the English Premier League 2015/16 is here! Surprisingly though; unlike other years, I didn’t miss the league that much. Since the season ended in May there has been plenty of pre-seasons, not to mention the very entertaining Copa America; and last but definitely not least; vibrant local football.

The Kenyan Premier League took a break in June but that’s when we were deep into Copa America. And soon after; we all became engrossed in what Gor Mahia was doing in Tanzania; and boy did they entertain us! So I actually did not miss EPL football as much as I have done in the past, but I’m glad the season is back.

Actually, Arsenal’s great pre-season probably had something to do with my not missing football so much. My prayer of course is that the Gunners take this form into the season where it matter most. Ironically, even after Arsenal beat Jose Mourinho at his own backyard in the Community Shield last Sunday, all pundits in Europe have answered the all important question on who they think will win the Premier League next season, by saying “everyone but Arsenal.” Most pundits have tipped Chelsea to defend their title; while a few mad ones believe Manchester City will win it even though Wilfred Bony and Sergio Aguero remain as their only two strikers. Hey if City add to that front line then the pundits won’t be so mad but the line-up as is; can battle for 4th with Manchester United. Oh United! I’d love to know what LVG says to the squad to make them so bitter.

Twelve months ago, the Dutch man was being praised for bringing Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao to Old Trafford. At the time, two special players at the top of their games. But alas! LVG made them appear rather ordinary and now both have begged and been allowed to leave. Is it something LVG said? Why has he been unable to take advantage of great talent and lead them to glory?

And are the rest of the big names in the squad only staying because they were mostly signed up by Sir Alex Ferguson and have a strong bond with the club. Something isn’t right at OT and I have a feeling it has something to do with LVG.

Or perhaps I am just comparing him too much with Sir Alex who despite his mood sometimes, handled the team with class. You never heard that Sir Alex was ‘eyeing players’ for a full transfer window and then not signing them. That was Arsene Wenger’s terrain.

But LVG has overthrown the Arsenal tactician and is now holding the spot of letting great talent leave and “eyeing” other great talent for weeks. I’m just laughing about all that is happening at United.

Towards the end of last season, I was even tipping United to have a great 2015/16 season but now I’m not so sure. Anyway let me stop mouthing off before the season starts as I may be forced—again—to eat my words. I just wish all the teams well and may the best ‘Arsenal’win the league!

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