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February 18, 2019

Here's hoping hot Arsenal streak continues in the Emirates Cup

Asian Trophy done and dusted! Now we look forward to the Emirates Cup this weekend; the Community Shield next weekend before the English Premier League 2015/16 season kicks off.

Olympique Lyonnais, Villarreal and VfL Wolfsburg are the invited sides to Emirates this weekend and I feel they are pretty decent opposition.

The Community Shield will see Arsenal take on League Champions Chelsea so that’s pretty cool build up opposition as well. I think the Gunners have done well this off-season to pick pretty decent opposition as we build up to the new season. While all league sides need to play the locals, meeting league opposition like Everton helped Arsenal test their skills with a team they will face in the league. Manchester United also did pretty okay selecting competitions where teams like Barcelona were featuring; although they’re yet to play them; while Liverpool have used their pre-season to realise they still need to buy more players. While I admire Christian Benteke who they purchased this week; I think the Reds paid a little too much for him but hey; who’s really keeping score? I feel sorry for Liverpool having lost Raheem Sterling only for the young man to score in his Manchester City debut.

That is painful but Sterling had to leave. Chelsea meanwhile lost a critical match to the New York Red Bulls much to the delight of Arsenal supporters. Delight because it’s evident that they’re missing Petr Cech. But I do need to urge my fellow Gunners not to take pre-seasons too seriously. While it builds player confidence when you win all the games; it is also used to a large extent by the managers to test certain players; see whether they need to buy for the new season and see whether they still have in their ranks players who need to leave. So while anytime Chelsea lose a game I tend to rejoice, it may have no standing when the league proper starts. I want Arsenal to win the Emirates Cup this weekend because I want assurance that we have a tight squad before we face Chelsea next weekend, but moreso I want us to do well in the season proper. If manager Arsene Wenger needs to play youngsters to test the waters, then so be it; as long as by the 8th of August, we are pleased with the players we have lined up for the season. While we should celebrate anytime our teams win games; to all those guys taking pre season results too seriously; lighten up; the real test hasn’t yet begun. Now there’s a blog I came across as I was reading up on The Emirates Cup and since it put a smile on my face, I thought I’d share it with you. As quoted from : “Ah, The Emirates Cup. That tournament which we haven’t won for the last 3 years, in which Yaya Sanogo entertains us with 4 slip n’ slide goals in 1 game (and some sexy dance moves) and where the scoring system is so complicated it gives me a headache.” Sometimes the truth stings but I’m still looking forward to it. Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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