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November 13, 2018

Garsen-Garissa road in deplorable state

The Garsen-Hola-Garissa road is in a deplorable condition.

This has put motorists at risk of accidents and attacks by wild animals when the vehicles break down.

Also at risk, are patients especially expectant mothers referred from Hola to Malindi or Bura to Garissa.

A check by the Star on the road from Garsen to Hola revealed it has big potholes and in some areas it is almost cut off.

To make matters worse, the tarmac project contracted to the National Youth Service has stalled.

On the way to Hola, motorists are having a rough time navigating through the potholes and dust.

The road is well known for trucks plying the Mombasa-Dadaab route to ferry famine relief food.

Governor Hussein Dado said the road has been neglected for decades.

“The Garsen-Hola-Malindi road is in a sorry state. We asked the highest authority in the country to do it but its yet to be accomplished, this is complete marginalisation,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate that 40 years since independence the road is still being made.”

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