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February 20, 2019

Venue review: Adrift River Base Camp, Bujagali Falls, Jinja, Uganda

Adrift River Base Camp, Bujagali Falls, Uganda
Adrift River Base Camp, Bujagali Falls, Uganda

In the last and final of my reviews from Uganda, I would like to introduce you to the Adrift River Base Camp in Jinja. This is a camping site where people who wish to rough it and commune with nature can sleep in tents.

I was here on Sunday afternoon to jump off a famous bungee jumping site in the same location. And as soon as I made my jump I thought it was only right that I made it to the bar at the camp site to have a drink. This was so that I could deal with the sudden rush of adrenaline that had been pumped into my bloodstream after the mighty jump.

There are tents around the base camp area and by the shore of the lake is where the pub – a sturdy wooden structure of two levels – is situated. The beauty of the place is that one can look out and see the world famous Lake Victoria as they had their drink. There was a counter at the centre of the structure and I made my way there, had a seat and ordered a drink.

I opted to buy a drink and as usual in Uganda my drink was the Nile Special – here the brand was selling at Uganda shillings 4,000 (Sh133). As a Nairobi resident used to being shocked by high alcohol prices, this seemed very reasonable to me.

With my drink in hand, I looked around me. The décor is very basic; this isn't one of your high-end lounge type of places. The seats were very functional, comfortable seating where one can have a seat and drink for long periods.

As I took my drinks I observed that the people around me were an eclectic mix – urbane Ugandans, Kenyans with their loud voices ordering drinks and a few Europeans who were there to enjoy the sights of the pearl of Africa.

A quick recap of the venue: 

Good: Decent décor and service, reasonably priced drinks, unisex but clean washrooms, 

Bad: Difficult to access even for Ugandans, disability unfriendly

My verdict: You are either here for the amazing sights of the Lake Victoria or to recover after your bungee jump. Either way, its one of the most enjoyable places to hang in Uganda.


Twitter: @jamesmurua

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